Success Stories

2017 Innovative Teaching Grants Follow Up Stories


This spring the Lawrence Schools Foundation rewarded 10 different sets of teachers with $20,249 worth of Innovative Teaching Grants.  Each year teachers are encouraged to apply for these grants to enhance the educational experience of their students. Grants are awarded to teachers who implement innovative and unique programs or projects for their students that enrich […]

Global Inventors

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Christina Smith, Quail Run What were you doing in fourth grade? Probably not collaborating with a classroom of students in Mexico to design solar-powered flashlights, but that is what Christina Smith’s fourth-grade class at Quail Run Elementary did this year. Smith received an Innovative Teaching Grant from the Lawrence Schools Foundation and enrolled her students in […]

Cooking In The Classroom


Maren Santelli, Mike Hymer, Jennifer Rapp, Lawrence High School For students in the Emotional Disabilities program at Lawrence High School, school can be a difficult experience. Depending on students’ level of disability, their behaviors can keep them out of most regular classrooms and away from the regular student body. “The students’ educational program is very […]

Telephoto Zoom Lenses For DSLR Cameras

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Shari Flakus, Erika Waller and Jennifer Scotten, South Middle School Everyone can take a photo with their smart phones these days, but students who sign up for electronic media photography classes at South Middle School, get to use more than their phones. Much more. Two years ago teacher Shari Flakus received a Lawrence Schools Foundation […]

Building Proficiency Brick By Brick

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Karen Gipson and Amanda Williams, Free State High School Free State High School world language teachers Karen Gipson (French) and Amanda Williams (Spanish) received an Innovative Teaching Grant for their project Building Proficiency Brick by Brick. The grant money allowed them to purchase LEGO storytelling sets to help students enhance their speaking, listening, reading, writing […]